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with Victorioso X a magnificent stallion.

Yeguada Señora Fina is an international breeding program with facilities in Spain ( Cordoba, Andalucia and Zafra, Extremadura) and Mexico ( Tijuana, Baja).

The facility in Mexico is located only 30 minutes away from the international border between San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. This superb infrastructure, with an ocean view, has two lighted arenas and a round pen.

Facilities in BAJA.

Our focus is in breeding buckskin, chestnut and black. In 2006 ANCEE (the Spanish Studbook) officially accepted buckskin as a valid coat color the can be used to reproduce with other Pure Spanish Horses (PRE). It was previously not considered to have the essential components of the Spanish breed.

In the year 2008, while in SICAB (an international trade fair for the Purebred Spanish Horse held in Seville), we acquired the stallion CARAMELO XXXVI, exemplary buckskin of great height, fine movements and outstanding morphology. Since then YEGUADA SEÑORA FINA has made it its purpose to acquire as many mares, with the same coat color, as it is possible. We have journeyed all over Spain in search for the mares that match our criteria. It was an arduous task, because our goal was not only to find horses with buckskin coat color, but also for them to be within the prerequisites of functionality and beauty. That is with a beautiful head and strong neck, back, kidneys and extremities, well structured and with soft and broad movements.

We only managed to find 20 mares that met our particular objectives. Unfortunately for us, most of the mares except three were too young, between one and two years old, so we had to wait almost three years for our goal to have the best stock breed of buckskin become a reality. Today, we can announce with satisfaction that our mares are producing the best horses with the dilution genetic of the buckskin, because the combination of CARAMELO with our mares has produced offspring with buckskin, isabella, perlinos and other layers.

In the year 2009 we acquired another great buckskin stallion, MALIBU IV, which acquired top honors for movement at Equisur 2009 in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. Malibu IV was also awarded the gold medal in his competitive class in Fuengirola, Malaga in 2010. We will have lots to talk about this great horse in the coming years, because putting aside its wonderful color; it has great morphology and is in possession of an extraordinary gait. He has already breed with some of our mares and his first foals were breed this 2012 season. In SICAB 2012, he was in his class, 4th in best movements out of top 28 stallions in Spain.

MONTEÑO III AND PRINCIPE XCIX, palomino and chestnut coats, will also be breeding since the 2013 season.

Today, IGNACIO BRAVO, one of the best Spanish riders and in the world, is training and riding CARAMELO XXXVI and MALIBU IV, so we expect to be hearing more great things about this line in the future.


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